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.... Hi Everybody!  :)   Wait, what? Really? Yes! 

To say the last six months has been a transformative time is a huge understatement. As all of us have felt, the intense focus on and flux in our lives and livelihoods, relationships, careers, social and self awareness, activism, boundaries, tests of love and loss and longing have often been too much to bear. I owe so much of my enduring positivity to family, friends and this incredible community (you!) that encourage me to keep going and working on interesting projects. It's been a thrilling and humbling journey to date, and I thank you all for being on this wild ride with me 💛💛💛 

And now... it gives me GREAT joy to share that the Next Big Adventure is well underway, and arriving in about 6 weeks (!!) Nothing never happens, right? 😉It's a collaborative project, and my hubs and I are excited, terrified, and all the wonderful everything in-between. I feel really good and healthy and as much as it's been a drag not to perform it’s been a blessing not to have had to travel this Spring and Summer as planned.  I'm grateful for all the virtual performance opportunities I've had (from the waist up, hee hee) to stay connected and the new people I've met because of it.  The Facebook Livestreams have been especially fun, with thousands of people popping in from all over the world!  It was important to me since day one of quarantine to focus on what I could do, not what I could not, and that has made all the difference ⭐️ 


But like the changing of the seasons it's time for another pivot and the new band member takes priority.  This upcoming Sunday will be my last livestream via Facebook, with a "Season Finale" double header at 12pm & 2pm EST. It'll be a mix of the wacky set lists from the last 40+ shows, some stories, some games with prizes, a jam along session and more!  Hope you can join - here's the EVENT INVITE 


A few weeks ago I recorded a full length concert with my band at the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, thanks to Cal Performances at UC Berkeley generously honoring a date I had for later this year ❤️ The concert will air with a live Q& A on January 7th, 2021, but you can see a preview of it during tonight's gala for the Armstrong House which also features Jason Moran (!) and Catherine Russell (!!) This is a big ticket fundraiser for this incredible historic institution and it's an honor to be a part of it.  

My last big event before this life change will be the first ever NEW YORK HOT JAZZ CAMP VIRTUAL WEEKEND WORKSHOP which launches October 9-11. 

Co-Director Molly Ryan and I have put together 16+ hours of masterclasses, workshops, song studies and more with artists we adore as players, teachers and all around great people.  All sessions will be live via Zoom, so don't miss your chance to participate! 



FUN SWAG! MUSIC! & a tip jar 😉 


Thank you so much everybody!! I hope this news has brought a little more sunshine to your day. Keep your bells up  🎺 and I'll keep you posted!! 😊 ❤️ Bria 


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