MAILING LIST PERK-ALERT Exclusive preview of a little video for "All I Want for Christmas"

Hello friends! I'm a Sagittarius which generally means I'm obnoxiously optimistic (important these days..) so I HOPE you'll enjoy my first ever holiday musical offering. The band swings so lovely as we put a Louis/Ella spin on Mariah Carey's huge hit from the 90s. It features Evan Arntzen on clarinet, Sullivan Fortner on piano, Scott Colley on bass and Matt Wilson on drums. There are versions with and without vocals. Check 'em out! WATCH VIDEO HEAR THE FULL SONG Last year on my birthday I went to see my idol Harry Connick and randomly won a trip to Iceland. Seriously. My best bud Emily and I took this trip at the end of last month. Here I am playing into the Blue Lagoon after a geotherma

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