Checking in & new holiday music out Friday!

Hey everybody! Hope you're staying well and warm so far this winter.

I recently celebrated another trip around the sun (Sagittarius pride!) and spent some of the day scrolling through photos to remember and reflect on what’s all happened this last year. As we all know it hasn’t been easy, but it has definitely been interesting... The few months pre-COVID brought some of the greatest highlights of my professional life to date, from performing to my home crowd in BC with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to Carnegie Hall. Not long after I was making a living 'internet busking" with my ukulele. Oh life, she keeps me humble! 😁 On the personal side, I'm happy to report here that my hubs and I welcomed our healthy son Wiley on October 15th ❤️❤️❤️ The adorable little banana slug is sleeping on me as I type this with one hand 😊 I'm looking forward to bringing him on the adventure trail to meet you! All in all it has been a true test of spirit, and I thank you for all the encouragement along the way. Right back atcha. Below is a snapshot of wonderful people and moments that brought me joy this bizarre year, as well as *SURPRISE!* an announcement of new music recorded just last week (!!) Keep your bell up! 🎺


Some exciting news!

Pre-save the new single “El Nino Del Tambor (the Little Drummer Boy)”, featuring Pedrito Martinez, Sofia Rei and Bria Skonberg out this Friday!

We're so excited that our single El Nino Del Tambor (the Little Drummer Boy)” is coming out this Friday! You can Pre-save and Pre-add the song to all streaming platforms.

By Pre-saving, the song is automatically added to your library so you don’t even have to search for it on the release day, it’ll be right there waiting for you!! Pre-saving is also a great way to support us; it helps with the algorithm on streaming services, meaning more playlist adds, leading to more people discovering and sharing our music.

Thank you for supporting us and Happy Holidays!

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