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The SKONBOOK Library is live! Downbeat Reader's Poll // New Video + Livestreams

Hi Everybody!

I hope you're doing as well as can be and hanging in. The summer heat is definitely here on the East coast which has added a sheen of lethargy over even this solar powered person, but I am plugging away and at least starting each day with ambition :) Here's what's been happening - The SKONBOOK is LIVE! I set a quiet goal in early June to focus on organizing and charting my original compositions. Six weeks later I’m happy to share the first installment of 23 titles encompassing 54 individual pieces of music via my website. There’s a mix of lead sheets, vocal w/ piano and some of my band arrangements as you would find on our music stands, plus streaming links to all the songs. I want to say a very special thank you to John O'Shea for his support and helping me prioritize this long term dream. John teaches adult ed. classes through Emory University in Atlanta and has featured my compositions in his class which I had the opportunity to visit last December for a musical performance and chat; we are currently collaborating on a 4 week course featuring the Female Composers of the 20th Century. Although the arts are not considered an "essential service", I hope everyone can and will utilize their power to work through the many emotions of this collective experience. Writing music and sharing it has been a long journey of getting comfortable with my self first and then others. It’s still a process, but one I know is invaluable for expression and releasing what we’re holding in.. especially now. I have been diligently reading about, listening to, learning from and humbly supporting this incredible, inspiring and necessary time of social justice. As positive as that sounds.. I’m about ready to blow up!! Time to write more and do more!

I've been grateful to share music with others in my twice weekly FB livestreams, teaching, and remote recording projects (see below) I've also enjoyed preparing occasional personalized greetings for birthdays or other special occasions 🎉 🎈 🎺 Email to find out more

Applications are open now for the 2020-2021 program - please share!


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