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8 Virtual & interactive events to enjoy this week!

☀️ 🎺 ⭐️ 🌻

Hi Everybody!

I sincerely hope you are well wherever you are, staying safe, sane, productive, or none of the above.... it's all ok. There's no blueprint for this time. My lucky number right now is "2". It's been 2 solid months of quarantine and I find myself thinking ahead 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, or sometimes just 2 hours if that's all I can know for sure. There's a song in there somewhere, which I'll get 2 sometime :) 🙄😏

Still I've been keeping busy as usual and have a bunch of efforts materializing this week. Here they are at a glance and please click through the linked pictures below to find out more!

Tonight May 22: Calgary Jazz Festival Interview hosted by Tim Tamashiro

also featuring my Canadian brassy sistah Rachel Therrien

Saturday May 23: Act 4 Music Festival - 4 sets of exclusive video content

Sunday May 24: Facebook Live Stories, Songs and Singalongs 11am EST

Monday May 25: Test your Hot Jazz knowledge Trivia Night 🔥

Wednesday May 27: Facebook Live Stories, Songs and Singalongs 4pm EST

Thursday May 28: Masterclass "One Voice - Unifying Singing and Playing"

Saturday May 30: Prohibition Productions "The Salon" Quarantine



There are just 9 days left to enter the #SOISTHEDAY Challenge

Give it a shot to win a free lesson and other cool swag!

Also Sunday May 31st I'll be broadcasting my Facebook Live session from the Blue Note NYC page!! Road trip 😄

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