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Stories, Songs & Singalongs / MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE 🎵

Hi Friends,

It's a beautiful day here in New York; the sun is sparkling off of the East River and a few popcorn clouds are drifting by in the bright blue. I have to think Mother Nature is happy these days and I'm happy for her. I also hope that you are staying healthy and inspired, and that everyone you care for is safe.

My weekly highlights have been hosting Facebook hangouts on Wednesdays (4pm EST) and Sundays (11am EST). It's light hearted fun of songs, stories, even singalongs! Or at least I'm imagining people singing along :) I'm so happy to read the familiar names and locations people are tuning in from and amazed at the many participants from all over the globe. Come hang out or watch the archives!



The BIG NEWS today *drumroll* is on WEDNESDAY APRIL 29TH I will be releasing an official music video for So Is The Day! This song has been a crucial part of my growth over the last decade and I pulled out all the stops to finally give it a visual story-telling. Please join me in watching the premiere in real time and I'll have a follow up Facebook chat about it.

Remember shows? This was one of my all time favorites!

"Blackout" from Nothing Never Happens Album Release Party @ Jazz Standard

AAAAAND since some of you have been asking...

I want to put out as much content as possible in this time for free. It's what I have to give. If you'd like to support this effort I can accept "tips" these ways:


Venmo: @bria-skonberg

Also by cc through where you'll find lots more fun stuff!

Feel no obligation whatsoever! It brings me a lot of joy to keep sharing music and life with you in whatever ways possible. Stay safe and remember -



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