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BS Update: Quarantunes, Survival Socks, Group Musical Isolation + More!

Hi Friends,

Hello from my apartment in New York City. As I write this I can see the morning sun shining off the East River while the spring blossoms are showing their buds for the first time and the trees are sprouting new leaves. Usually at this time of year I find myself in a different part of the world moving a mile a minute from one experience to the next, but it looks like I will be watching spring unveil one bud at a time for the next two months. I feel fortunate, healthy, and curious to see how this globally shared experience will make us adapt socially, digitally, economically, psychologically, and artistically. I've been enjoying connecting with friends old and and new and finding ways we can get creative together :D

Here's one way! Check out this fun-with-friends collaboration I made with Sam Rocha (sousaphone, Oakland CA) and Elizabeth Goodfellow (LA, drums) on a new tune: ELBOW BUMP


Let's stay connected, OK?

Find me on Facebook for live chats Sundays and Wednesdays, Instagram for daily content or email if you'd like to set up a private lesson via Skype or Zoom.

My ol' West coast buddy and fellow NYC transplant Glenn Crytzer has instigated a project to bring you some new swinging music and us some revenue with a "remote recording". The 7 musicians pictured here are going to record arrangements of mostly our original tunes one at a time in our own homes. Arguably jazz is most exciting when everyone is improvising at the same time and feeding off live energy, but I have unique and long histories with everyone in this group and I think it will be a fun and interesting puzzle to see and hear how we all sync up. The best part - You can pay whatever you want! $1 or $100, everything will be split between us after expenses. Thanks Glenn!

Thank you as always for reading and coming on this journey! I don't see this as a break, rather an opportunity to expand in ways that haven't been possible while on the run. Keep your bells up, let me know if you have other ideas of how we can all interact and please keep washing your hands!! :) Bria =iii=<) ~~~

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