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FALL 2019: NEW Album Artwork & Release Date

Hi Friends,

I hope the summer has been good to you :) This last month held some of my favourite parts with band camp, a little time off the grid with family and a lot of time preparing for upcoming projects. Yes, it's go time yet again! My new beautiful album "NOTHING NEVER HAPPENS"

is officially coming out on NOVEMBER 1st!

Many of you know I jumped a hurdle with this one when the crowdfunding platform I used to support it went bankrupt (insert expletives here). Nevertheless WE PERSISTED and I know now all is how it should be. The phrase "Nothing Never Happens" came to me after several years of traveling with my bands and the inevitable chaos that comes with. Flight delays, traffic jams, damaged instruments.. In life and this lifestyle in particular there are many moments of uncertainty of what will happen. But something always does. One way or another, something would happen and we would move forward. So, despite the setback I've moved forward. Nothing Never Happens.

Artwork by Lisa Lockhart, Top photo by Pete Agraan The last few years have been brutal on everyone with the amount of input from media, real news, fake news, horrific human tragedies, battles for basic civil rights and worldwide tension. At some point the white noise got so freaking loud I knew I had to shut out everything and take time to process it all. So, I started writing music and retreated several times to sit in silence at a piano and see what needed to come out. What came out was a cathartic collage of frustration, despair, anger, melancholy ... and yet with a silver lining of hope. These are all ingredients of the deeply human experience, and using music as a means to express them has fueled the light of hope to shine brighter. We have to keep moving forward. I look forward to sharing the music with you soon, and I hope that by listening to it you can experience the release I have felt making it. Hey, how about at one of these live performances coming up? :)


If you'd like to hear me play some straight up hot traddy trad trumpet,
come out to Birdland to hear David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band!
I'll be there September 4, October 16/23 and November 6/13.


Back for our 5th year, the New York Hot Jazz Camp is an immersive participatory experience with the East Coast's finest trad jazz musicians, educators & recording artists. The 2020 Faculty: Antoinette Montague - vocals Randy Reinhart - trumpet Dan Levinson - reeds Dion Tucker - trombone Cynthia Sayer - banjo/guitar Rossano Sportiello - piano Jared Engel - bass Kevin Dorn - drums

Visit NYHOTJAZZCAMP.COM for more information

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