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Hi Everybody!

I'm thankful for the variety in my musical life. I've been meaning to keep up a journal but never get to it as I try to prepare for what's happening next. Last night I wrote myself an email simply titled "This happened". Random highlights with pictures can be found at the bottom of this email. Thank you all for being on this ever-twisting wonderful wacky journey with me! Let's keep looking ahead, shall we?? :)

Right now I'm in beautiful British Columbia for what I know will be an immensely fun day of music and catching up. Today we celebrate Canadian Icon and folkloric legend Lloyd Arntzen's 90th birthday. I have played music, snooker, and hitchhiked with this man. I cannot wait to celebrate him and his legacy!

I'm also looking forward to performances with my band all around the US; Check out the schedule below if we're coming your way! This month's highlight is the launch of the brand new TOWN HALL ENSEMBLE. Making its debut Sunday October 22nd at the historic landmark site, this will be a long term collective of New York's brightest musical minds and voices honoring the great moments and movements that took place on the Town Hall stage. It will also be a platform to share music and discussion relevant to today's social issues. I'm honoured to be part of this project! Hope to see you at any/all of the performances below. I wish you all love, luck, health and your definition of wealth. Cheers! :) Bria

October 1

October 2/3

pop up school clinics near Chilliwack :)

October 5

October 7

October 9

I've been nominated for Best Trumpet. Fingers crossed!

October 10

October 11

Birdland w/ David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band

October 15

WRRG-FM Jazzarena Interview with Tom Macek 7:00 pm EST

October 22

October 25-29

November 4

November 7

November 8

November 10

November 17-19

Workshops & Concert @ University of NC, Greensboro NC

THIS HAPPENED I saw two incredible friends get married and was asked to play an indie song in Spanish, a Jewish processional, and a jazzy encore.

Performed the music of Aretha Franklin with a member of Destiny's Child

Got to jam an Irving Berlin tune with David Hyde Pierce

(ie Niles Crane from Frasier)

Saw the 5th Annual NY Hot Jazz Festival achieved an even bigger level of success with sell out crowds and unique programming (Personal highlight was hearing Scott Robinson play Theramin with guitarist James Chirillo!)

Played alongside incredible Mexican, Spanish and jazz acts @ LPR to raise money for earthquake relief volunteers LOS TOPOS

Was asked to sub for Wynton with JLCO (True. I can't make it, but hey they hire women) Went to Louis Armstrong's house with the Jazz For Young People program for inspiration followed by tacos, also inspiring.

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